Restaurant Wednesday

28 07 2010

You may be asking yourself why this post is titled “Restaurant Wednesday”, isn’t this a Real Estate blog?  Well yes, it is a real estate blog, but we are more about spreading the news on Colorado Springs.  We will be sharing information on upcoming events, great restaurants, and other fun tid-bits. 

I have decided to start posting a Restaurant Wednesday for great places to eat in the Colorado Springs area.  Why?  Rex and I have learned that there are a lot of really great-but hidden places to eat.  About 2 years ago we would ask each other “Where do you want to go for lunch/dinner”.  And neither of us could decide, because we couldn’t think of anything.  I took it upon myself to create a restaurant list of all the places I could find on the internet (a lot of them I had never been to before).  So for the past 2 years, every time we would decide to go grab something to eat we would head to the restaurant list.  It was great!  We would go to places that we had never been to before.  My favorite thing would be when we would get up and leave and say “That place is a keeper”.  So we have decided to share our experiences with you guys!

For today we recommend “The Pepper Tree”

This is the ultimate fine dining experience and the perfect place to take your significant other.  Rex and I went here on Saturday to celebrate our 2 year anniversary and it was the perfect place to go.  The dim lights and the beautiful view of the city made this place very special and romantic.  There specialty is the pepper steak of course, and it is prepared table side, which is very fun to watch.  We got the crab cakes as an appetizer which were TO DIE FOR, and we washed it down with a very light Cabernet.  All in all it is a MUST!  Just keep an eye out for the high prices, this is a special occasion type place, but the food is worth every penny.




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